10 Plants With Eyes That Will Make You Feel Weird


plants with eyes have been around for centuries, and in that time, they’ve evolved to become some of the most fascinating creatures on Earth. From Venus flytraps to spider plants, there are many plants with eyes and interesting features that you might not have known about.

Here are ten plants with eyes that will make you feel weird:

1. The stargazer or morning glory is a plant that can see in the dark.

2. The philodendron is a plant that can sense touch and even temperature.

3. The pitcher plant can wave its leaves to capture prey.

4. The mistletoe is a parasitic plant that uses the sap of other plants as its food source.

5. The bonsai tree is sculpted using only dead or cut branches from other trees- no soil is involved!

6. The preplan orchid has an incredible ability to change color and pattern based on its surroundings.

7. The cowrie or snail-eating flower can retract its tentacles and disguise itself as a piece of rock!

8. The fern is one of the oldest living things on Earth, and it can regenerate any lost part of its

Blue-Eyed Grass

Plants With Eyes Blue-Eyed Grass

Some plants out there have eyes that will make you feel weird. These plants have blue or violet Plants With Eyes, which can be quite startling when you first see them. Some of these plants, like the Blue-Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium bellum), are used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments. Others, like the Franklinia alatamaha, are more commonly known for their bizarre eye coloration and strange looks.

Eye of the Tiger grass

Eye of the Tiger grass Plants With Eyes

1. Eye of the Tiger grass is a plant with human and animal-like eyes on its stalk. The eyes are said to watch over the grasslands, and they may be able to see things that humans can’t.

2. The Eyes of the Tiger grass aren’t just pretty decorations – some people believe they can help protect the land from harm. According to some legends, if you stare at the Eyes of the Tigergrass long enough, you can see visions of your past lives.

3. If you’re interested in finding these

plants with eyes, look for them in areas with lots of grass – they prefer dry conditions. And if you find one, be sure not to touch it!

Baby’s Tears

Baby’s Tears Plants With Eyes

Some plants out there emit a fluid when they’re damaged or cut. This liquid is called baby’s tears, and it’s often used as a natural pesticide. have eyes that will make you feel weird. These plants tend to be called “eyelash trees” or “eyeball plants.” They’re interesting because they use their eyes to attract prey or pollinate, which most plants don’t do.

India and South America have some of the most famous eyelash trees. The trees use their long, thin lashes to trap small insects. The tree then draws the insect inside its eye, killing it with the tree’s poison.

This strange-looking 

plants with eyes are worth a visit if you’re ever in an area with one nearby!

Pakistani Tobacco

pakistani Tobacco Plants With Eyes

From the vibrant flowers of jasmine to the towering leaves of neem, India is home to some of the most visually stunning 

plants with eyes in the world. And it’s not just botany enthusiasts drawn to these beauties – many traditional medicines are based on plants with eyes-striking appearances or unusual properties.

There’s Pakistani Tobacco, for example, used as a snuff and has been claimed to be responsible for contributing to lung cancer and heart disease. But despite its harmful effects, this plant remains popular because of its distinctive smell and flavor.

Some other interesting Indian plants include castor beans, whose seeds are used as a laxative; bok choy, which is said to help with asthma; and mahua (Mahua obtusifolia), which is used in traditional medicine to treat fever, diarrhea, and respiratory problems.


Goldenrod Plants With Eyes
Canada goldenrod in autumn prairie. Platte River Prairies, Nebraska.

1. Goldenrod (Chrysographe majus) is a plant that has eyes on the stem. These eyes are thought to sense movement, helping the goldenrod navigate its environment. The eyes can also help attract pollinators, making this plant a useful addition to any garden.

2. Goldenrod is an annual herbaceous flowering plant that grows between 1 and 2 feet tall. Its leaves are Alternate, lance-shaped with serrated margins, and its flowers are bell-shaped with five yellow petals.

3. Goldenrod prefers well-drained soil and partial sun exposure and can be planted in gardens or along fences. It is hardy in zones 3 through 8 and is generally considered invasive in colder areas of the US Midwest, where it does well.

Crazy Daisy

Crazy Daisy Plants With Eyes

Daisy plants aren’t your average garden pests. Some believe they may benefit your garden thanks to their bizarre eyes. These plants have either modified leaves or roots that contain extra eye cells that allow them to see in the dark! Crazy daisy plants can be a novelty addition to any garden, but be aware that they may cause a sense of unease if you’re not used to looking at strange plant eyes.

Joe-Pye Weed

Joe-Pye Weed Plants With Eyes

Joe-Pye Weed (Eupatorium purpureum) is a plant with leaves and flowers that have small circular spots on them. These spots are called trichomes and contain chemicals that can make you feel weird. Interestingly, these chemicals are also found in some psychoactive plants, like ayahuasca.

Some people say that the trichomes of Joe-Pye Weed make you feel like you’re in a dream or that you’re is seeing things that aren’t there. Some people even say that it makes them paranoid or hallucinate. So if you’re looking for a plant to make your mood swing wildly, Joe-Pye Weed might be the one for you!

Rattlesnake Plantain

Rattlesnake Plantain Plants With Eyes

Rattlesnake Plantain is a plant that may cause you to feel weird. The plant has large, staring eyes that may make you feel uneasy. Some people find the eyes creepy, while others find them intriguing. The reason for this is not certain, but it may be because the eyes are located in strange places on the plant…


If you’re looking for plants that will add an element of creepiness to your garden, look no further. These 10 plants have eyes that will make you feel weird – whether it’s because they bulge out abnormally or seem to be following you. These plants are sure to give your garden a creepy edge, from aloe vera plants to philodendron vines.