10 Girly Tattoo Designs That Are Totally Worth Getting

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? If you want something girly and pretty, you’re in luck. There are endless ways to get a girly tattoo, but it would be best if you were to consider certain things before finalizing your choice.

 This article will discuss some of the details about getting a girly tattoo. From picking the right design to finding the right artist, we’ve got you covered. So if you’re thinking about getting inked, read on for everything you need to know about getting a girly tattoo.

What is a girly tattoo?

A girly tattoo is a tattoo that is typically associated with femininity and womanhood. Girly tattoos can be anything from small and delicate designs to large and elaborate ones. Dresses range from above the knee to floor length and are designed for wear on any formal occasion.

Tattoos: How to Get the Right Girly Tattoo

Tattoos: How to Get the Right Girly Tattoo

When it comes to getting a girly tattoo, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first and foremost step to success is to find a reputable artist. Not all tattoo artists are created equal, and you want to ensure you work with someone who knows what they’re doing.

Once you’ve found the right artist, it’s time to start thinking about what design you want. Girly tattoos range from small and delicate designs to large and elaborate ones. It all depends on your personal preference. If unsure of what you want, spend some time browsing online for inspiration or talking to your artist about ideas.

Once you’ve decided on a design, taking the time to think about placement is essential. Where you put, your tattoo is just as important as the design itself. Again, this is something that will vary depending on your personal preferences. But it’s worth thinking about where you want your tattoo before committing to anything.

Finally, don’t forget that tattoos are permanent! This isn’t something you should rush into without giving it some serious thought first once you’ve got the perfect tattoo, though, it.

Where to get a girly tattoo?

Where to get a girly tattoo?

When it comes to getting a girly tattoo, the options are endless. You can go for something delicate and feminine or bold and badass – it’s all up to you. And with so many amazing artists, you’re sure to find the perfect design that fits your style.

Here are some excellent websites that have pretty female tattoo designs.

Instagram: There’s no shortage of talented tattoo artists on Instagram, so it’s a great place to start your search. Follow some of your favorite artists and get inspired by their work.

Pinterest: Pinterest is another excellent resource for finding tattoo inspiration. Search for “girly tattoos,” and you’ll find an endless stream of beautiful designs to browse through.

Tattoo magazines: If you want to see some of the latest tattoo trends and check out what other people are getting, pick up a copy of Tattoo Life or Inked Magazine. These magazines feature some of the best tattoo artists in the world and always have many inspiring designs to check out.

Your local tattoo shop: Tattoo shops offer a portfolio of their artists’ work. It’s best to find your favorite artist and think about what you want your tattoo to say or look like before going into the shop.

Why Should You Consider A Small Girly Tattoo?

Why Should You Consider A Small Girly Tattoo?

Reasons to get small tattoos,

They’re super cute and can add a touch of femininity to any outfit. They’re also relatively easy to cover up if you need to, which is perfect if you’re looking for a more discreet tattoo.

Another great reason to consider a small girly tattoo is that it can be meaningful. Whether you choose something simple like a flower or something more complex like a quote, your tattoo will be unique to you and will serve as a reminder of whatever it is you want to remember.

So, if you’re considering getting a girly tattoo, go for it! They’re worth considering, especially if you’re looking for something small and meaningful.

How to choose the right girly tattoo for you

Hiding a tattoo can be challenging, so it’s essential to do your research before committing to a design. These are just a few things you should look at when thinking about getting a girly tattoo:

1. What’s the meaning behind the tattoo?

Before settling on a design, think about what you want your tattoo to represent. Do you like to share a specific meaning or story with the world? Are you looking for something decorative or symbolic? Answering these questions will help narrow down your options.

2. Where do you want to put it?

Think about where on your body you want to place your tattoo. This will assist with deciding the size and position of the plan. For instance, assuming that you need a little tattoo that can be effortlessly covered up, consider putting it on your wrist or lower leg. If you’re not scared of flaunting your ink, pull out all the stops with a plan that traverses your whole back or chest.

3. What is your budget?

Tattoos can range in price depending on their size and complexity. So before committing to a design, ask about pricing and compare quotes from different artists. This way, you can find a tattoo that fits your style and budget.

4. Are you ready for the pain?

Getting a tattoo can be difficult, particularly in a temperate region like your wrist or lower leg. If you’re unsure you can handle the pain, consider getting a smaller tattoo or placing it in a room with fewer nerve endings.

5. What is the healing process like?

After getting a tattoo, following the artist’s instructions for proper healing is essential. This usually involves keeping the area clean and dry, applying ointment, and avoiding sunlight. The healing process can take several weeks, so be patient while your tattoo heals.

These six considerations will make it easy to find the perfect tattoo to match your personality and style.

Heart Tattoos

heart tattoos

If you’re looking to get a girly tattoo, there are a few things you need to know. First and foremost, don’t be afraid to think outside the box – your tattoo doesn’t have to be pink or flowery to be feminine. Secondly, consider the placement of your tattoo carefully. Some spots are more painful than others, and you’ll want to avoid placing your tattoo in a location that will hinder your ability to show it off. Finally, research and find an experienced artist who can bring your vision to life.

Now that you know the essentials, now is the right time to begin pondering what sort of girly tattoo you need. 

Flower tattoos are always popular among women, with endless designs. From dainty blooms to bold statement flowers, there’s something for everyone.

How about a heart tattoo if you’re looking for something unique? Hearts can symbolize love, friendship, or family – making them perfect for any meaning you want to convey with your tattoo. Plus, they look pretty darn cute too!

Butterfly Tattoos


One of the most popular girly tattoos is the butterfly tattoo. Butterfly tattoos are beautiful and feminine, and they come in a variety of different designs. You can get a butterfly tattoo on your ankle, arm, back, or even your stomach.

Butterfly tattoos are also popular because they can be very symbolic. Butterflies represent transformation, new beginnings, and hope. Assuming you are searching for a significant tattoo that addresses something you feel is fundamental, a butterfly tattoo might be an ideal decision.

Rose Tattoos

Gorgeous back rose tattoos

Rose tattoos are a popular choice for women looking to get a tattoo. They are often seen as a symbol of love and appreciation and can be designed in various ways.

When choosing a rose tattoo, it is vital to consider the different meanings associated with the flower. Red and white roses are a favorite choice for Valentine’s Day gifts because they represent love and innocence. One interpretation is that yellow roses represent friendship. Black roses might symbolize mourning or death.

There are various ways of planning a rose tattoo, so examining your thoughts with your tattoo craftsman before getting inked is fundamental. Treat your new tattoo by cleaning it consistently and keeping it saturated when you have settled on a plan.

Unicorn Tattoos


There’s something about a unicorn tattoo that screams “girly.” Maybe it’s the unicorn’s association with all things magical and sparkly. Or perhaps it’s because unicorns are often depicted in pastel colors. Therefore, a unicorn design is an excellent option if you’re looking for a girly tattoo.

Of course, you can always put your spin on a unicorn tattoo. For Example, you could get a black-and-white design instead of one with color. Or you could add elements like flowers or stars to make the tattoo even more girly. Artists know how to create content that is both aesthetically pleasing and irresistible.

Once you’ve decided on your perfect unicorn tattoo, it’s time to find a reputable shop to get it done. Try to do all necessary investigations and read surveys before picking a spot. Also, remember to pay attention to your stomach – if something doesn’t feel right, pay attention to your gut feelings and head off to someplace else.

If you’re ready for some permanent ink, a unicorn tattoo is a beautiful way to show off your girly side.

Cat Tattoos


Whether you’re a feline lover or appreciate all things cute and cuddly, there’s no denying that cat tattoos make for some seriously adorable body art. Plus, what could be more girly than rocking a tattoo of your favorite furry friend?

If you’re considering getting a cat tattoo, you should keep a few things in mind. Size and placement come first. Smaller tattoos can be easily hidden under clothing, while larger ones may require more commitment. Additionally, think about whether you want a realistic or stylized design. Realistic cat tattoos often look best on the forearm or upper back, while abstract methods can be placed almost anywhere.

When selecting the perfect design, take your time and browse through plenty of different options. Many incredible artists specialize in cat tattoos, so you’re sure to find something you love. And suppose you’re still undecided. Try starting with a small tattoo and working your way up to something bigger. In that case, cats are notoriously independent creatures, so why not show off your independent streak with a badass cat tattoo?

Fairy Tattoos

Fairy Tattoos

Fairy tattoos are popular for women who want cute and girly tattoos. These tattoos can be little and sensitive or enormous and nitty gritty. Fairy tattoos can be placed on the ankle, wrist, shoulder, back, or other body parts.

When people get a fairy tattoo, they usually have it as a traditional fairy with wings. However, there are many variations of this design. Some fairy tattoos show the fairy with flowers, while others show the fairy with animals. Some plans even offer the sprite in a more adult form, with bare breasts and hips.

If you’re thinking about getting a fairy tattoo, choosing a design you’ll be happy with for years is essential. This is a tattoo you’ll likely have for the rest of your life, so it’s necessary to choose something that has personal meaning.

Finding the right tattoo artist for your girly tattoo is essential. Find them by looking for someone who specializes in that type of design. You want an artist who understands how to create a delicate and feminine tattoo. Ask your tattoo artist for their recommendation on a girly tattoo or look online and find an artist specializing in girly tattoos.

Mermaid Tattoos


Mermaid tattoos are popular for women who want feminine and unique tattoos. There are many different designs, and you can even get a mermaid tattoo in various colors. If you’re considering getting a mermaid tattoo, here’s what you need to know.

Mermaid tattoos can be small or large, depending on your preference. They can also be placed almost anywhere on the body, although the most popular spots are the wrists, ankles, and shoulders. Consider getting a mermaid with brightly-colored scales or a tail if you want a colorful tattoo. Opt for a mermaid with black or white ink for a more subtle design.

When choosing a design, take your time and look through many different options before settling on one. Mermaid tattoos are prevalent now, so many procedures can be selected. You can find mermaid tattoos online or in tattoo magazines. Once you’ve found some designs you like, make an appointment with a reputable artist to get your new tattoo.

Flower Tattoos


Popular designs, such as flower tattoos, are easy to see why. They’re feminine and pretty and can be customized to reflect your personality.

Flower tattoos are a popular choice for women who want a girly tattoo. Various kinds of flowers can be utilized for a tattoo so that you can pick one with exceptional significance. Roses are famous for flower tattoos, as they symbolize love and beauty. Other popular choices include lotus flowers, lilies, and daisies.

When choosing a flower tattoo, it is essential to consider the color of the flower. Some flowers are more colorful than others, and some have different meanings depending on their color. For Example, red roses represent love and enthusiasm, while white roses address immaculateness and guiltlessness.

Flower tattoos can be small and delicate or large and bold. They can be put on any body part, yet a few famous decisions incorporate the wrist, lower leg, back, and shoulder. No matter where you put your flower tattoo, it will be a beautiful reminder of your femininity and strength.

Moon Phases Tattoos


The many different ways to show your love for the moon with girly tattoos. Moon phases tattoos are popular for girls who want to show their connection to the lunar cycle. These tattoos can be little and fragile or huge and definite. No matter your style, a moon phase tattoo is for you.

The most common type of moon phases tattoo features all eight moon phases. This includes the new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and crescent. Each phase has its meaning, and many girls choose to get all eight steps tattooed on their bodies to represent the different stages of their life.

Another popular option for moon phase tattoos is to get just the two main phases: the new moon and the full moon. These two symbols address the start and end of something, which can be highly representative of young ladies. Getting just these two phases tattooed can also be a way to make your tattoo more unique and personal.

Sun and Stars Tattoos

Sun and Stars Tattoos

With so many choices, settling on the ideal decision can be challenging. If a lady is searching for girly tattoos, they need to consider what they mean quite a bit.

Sun and stars tattoos are famous for girls, and there are plenty of designs to choose from. A small sun or star tattoo can be beautiful if you want something simple. You can opt for a giant tattoo with multiple stars or suns for something more detailed.

No matter your design, make sure you pick an experienced artist who can execute it flawlessly. A bad tattoo is unsightly and can be painful and expensive to fix. With so many great artists, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than perfection.

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